Fixed some more wee bugs i have found, created more custom graphics, added AI options for shooting, with parameters for what the bullet object is, if it can shoot in all directions or just horizontal, these AI can be possessed and the player can access their shoot function, made it so AI have parameters set for if they can detect gaps in the ground, if they can jump they will attempt to jump over them when chasing, otherwise they will treat it as a place to stop and go the other direction.  Made the dynamic music smoother, made an example level where starting off in a cave, with basic direction for collecting abilities, and have added a joystick for touch to make the game play feel more like a joystick type game.

Will be releasing a tutorial showing how to make a level from scratch, so any issues that may arise with object parameters not automatically being set can be addressed in the video.


Have fixed some bugs such as music lagging when multiple enemies chase the player, climbing bugs, menu items not working when clicked.

Added more coherent graphics(by VEXED), naked player with clothes separated so clothing can be recolored, added dust when walking and jumping,  player angle changes when in air for a more dynamic feel, added shadow areas where enemies cant see or hurt the player id he is standing still, checkpoints give feedback when saved.

The intention was to pack everything in to one easy to use framework, so all you need is an idea, and construct 3, to build a fully fledged metroidvania without having to do any programming logic.

This framework will work for any kind of platformer, but has metroidvania in mind.

Supports touch controls, gamepad and keyboard.

Has implemented a saving slot system like older arcade games, where checkpoints will automatically save the game state to the slot for returning progress.

It features:

A main menu with slot based save system!

  • Player with check able, collectable abilities. Such as Run, Dash, Climb ladders, Wall slide and Jump, picking up items and throwing them, player damage, player death and jump to checkpoint, keeping the rest of the game state, not just restarting the layout.
  • AI creatures who can walk randomly, jump over obstacles, patrol left and right, chase the player, return to patrol point when no longer chasing player, can be damaged from jumping on their head, can be killed. All of these are boolean that can be enabled or disabled to give more uniqueness to different creatures.
  • Doors and buttons, so doors can connect to eachother to be used as portals, as simple as setting their ID and their target door ID, and buttons can be used to enable or disable the doors, with the same ID system.
  • Moving platforms, very basic but do the trick!
  • Disappearing platforms, when walked on disappear after a given time, can be respawned after a time frame if desired.
  • Simple lighting system.
  • Items that can be picked up and thrown, have a bounce count, throw height and speed, friction, air friction etc, so play with these variables to get the object feeling like a ball, or a rock. As mentioned before, they can damage AI creatures.
  • 3 camera modes. Screen to screen, screen to screen smooth transition and follow player with lerp smoothness

All the dynamic objects are persistent, so if you change layout and go back, they will have kept their state.

There are also sounds. Player foot steps, jump, land. Ai injured, dead and detect player. 

And music. There is the standard music that plays, and the music changes when the player is being chased by an AI character.



  • Dpad left and right - move the player
  • Dpad up and down -climb ladder and drop through jump through platforms
  • A - jump
  • B - dash
  • X - action
  • Y - pickup and throw objects
  • Right bumper - run/walk
  • Right trigger - toggle run/walk


  • Hold your thumb anywhere on the left side of the screen and the dpad will show up, then just left right up and down like gamepad dpad
  • Green button on the right of screen jump
  • Yellow tweezer button shows up when beside an item to pick up and throw
  • Yellow action button shows up beside the jump button when you can use button, go through doors etc.
  • Dash will show up above the jump button when dash is available.


  • Arrow keys, just like the gamepad dpad
  • A - dash
  • Z - pickup and throw object
  • X - jump
  • C - action
  • Shift - walk/run
  • Control - toggle walk/run

To be added:

  • more objects to connect to buttons
  • Invisible damage hit boxes
  • Grapple hook
  • Money system, with slot machine gambling
  • Doors to lead to other layouts instead of just the same layout
  • Better teleport
  • Possession of certain AI characters

But as it is, you should be able to just make a game right off the bat. These other additions are for my own project but I will let you have them as well.

Here is a tutorial on what everything does. It would pay to check this out as there are a lot of things you can do.

All assets, music, sounds, images are free for you to use for commercial and non commercial purposes(not sure why you'd want to though, they're pretty average)

If you find any bugs let me know with a screenshot or apt description of what happened when the bug showed its face, and I will get right on to a fix.


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This is very cool, and might be quite useful to me! Thanks :) 

Thanks. Im working on implementing rewind time as an ability to add another layer of possibilities