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Everyone want's their very own personal Genie. But that kind of enjoyment has been out of our grasp, until now!

Personal Genie can answer your questions, "Grant Wishes", and learn.

There is no limit to the enjoyment, as your Personal Genie learns from how you talk to her, and will learn how to respond by how you respond to her!

Just rub the lamp until your Genie appears, and she will keep you entertained!

*9 random Genies(New Genie every time you rub the lamp)
*Responds to your questions with clever responses
*Learns to have conversations by how you talk to her
*Unlimited responses

To use:
Rub the lamp until the Genie appears, press the mic button down the bottom, talk.

If you don't have access to Speech Recognition, or don't feel like talking, hold your finger on the mic button until the input box appears, and you can talk to her that way.


There are 5 secret phrases you can say, and if you figure one of them out, email us at horrelltechnologies@gmail.com with the Genies response to the discovered phrase, and you will receive a prize!

Have fun!

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